A Legacy of Culinary Excellence

We take pride in being more than just a catering company; we are curators of unforgettable experiences, crafting moments that linger on the palate and in memory. Founded on a passion for excellence, CHG has evolved into a distinguished name in the hospitality industry, renowned for its commitment to culinary brilliance and event perfection.

Chez Hospitality Group (CHG): A Decade of Excellence in Hospitality

In the heart of Agawam, Massachusetts, a legacy was born in 2011—Chez Hospitality Group LLC (CHG). As we approach our second decade, we reflect on the journey that has shaped us into a minority-owned business with deep roots in the community. Our story intertwines with the rich traditions of selfless service, top-notch quality, and an unparalleled passion for hospitality.

The Genesis in Agawam

Founded a decade ago, CHG has been a beacon in the hospitality industry, proudly calling Agawam, Massachusetts, its home. A minority-owned business, our roots run deep, and our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement is ingrained in every facet of our operation.

Guardians of Tradition

As the proud operators of Chez Josef, a pillar in the community for over 50 years, we carry the torch of tradition. The principles of selfless service and unwavering quality have been our guiding lights, ensuring that every endeavor we undertake resonates with the legacy of excellence that Chez Josef has established.

Navigating the Challenges of 2020

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges to the hospitality industry, testing the mettle of businesses worldwide. In the face of adversity, CHG showcased resilience and creativity, transforming challenges into opportunities. Today, we stand as a flourishing hospitality group, a testament to the strength of our team and our commitment to adaptability.

A Multifaceted Hospitality Offering

CHG is not just a catering company; we are a comprehensive hospitality group offering a myriad of services. From full-service and drop-off catering to "liquid catering" with mobile bar services, event planning and coordination, operation of event venues, retail food stores, mobile catering, and concessionaire work—we are a one-stop destination for all hospitality needs.

Notable Contracts and Partnerships

Our reach extends beyond traditional catering. We proudly hold contracts with esteemed organizations such as UCONN and Amazon, delivering exceptional catering services. Our "liquid catering" services have left an indelible mark at various events, and our concessionaire work includes partnerships with renowned golf courses like Simsbury Farms, Bayberry Hills, and Bass River.

Marc W. Sparks: A Steward of Success

At the helm of CHG is General Manager & Principal, Marc W. Sparks—a stalwart with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His journey, from Trainer and Supervisor to Banquet Manager and Director of Operations at Chez Josef, culminated in his role as the General Manager. Marc's leadership is characterized by a tactical "hands-on" approach, fostering a team atmosphere and prioritizing customer-first solutions.

A Commitment to Community

Beyond business, Marc is deeply involved in community initiatives. Serving on the boards of Rachel’s Table, Springfield Neighborhood Housing, and the Western Mass Council of the Boy Scouts of America, he exemplifies CHG's commitment to giving back. The company's involvement in hospitality program advisory boards underscores our dedication to mentorship and industry development.

As we look to the future, Chez Hospitality Group remains dedicated to crafting memorable experiences, fostering community growth, and championing excellence in the hospitality industry. With our roots firmly planted in tradition and our eyes set on innovation, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey.


Case studies from some of our amazing customers.
"I just wanted to give you a special thank you! Our prom is still the talk at our school. They loved the spot, the food, the view, and the security. We cannot wait till next year and hope our spot is still secured with our dates. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
50th Birthday
"Thank you guys so much for everything last night, especially considering the extra people that attended. The night was everything Al had hoped for, and that’s all I wanted for him. Everyone was raving about the place."
"Today, I am able to exhale after an incredibly successful event that you contributed to. We have received rave reviews about the scrumptious food."
Private Event
"Wellfleet's Party in the Sky was a huge success! Many compliments from colleagues on how much fun they had, how much they loved the venue, good food, and so on..."